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Food and beverage services for businesses large and small.
Provided by Quail Mountain Coffee and Vending

Our options are endless, including airpots, hot cappuccino beverages, multiple branded coffees, Gourmet coffees, flavored coffees, as well as the Single Cup coffee systems which have become so popular recently.

All equipment is maintained by our service department at no charge. Our Coffee Representative’s clean and service the equipment at the time of each delivery to reduce breakdowns. All equpiment is NSF and UL rated.

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We are a Full line Vending Operator offering Cold & Hot Beverage, Snack and Cold Food Vending equipment.

We provide Products from many Nationally known suppliers as well as state and local suppliers.

Beverages that include products from both Pepsi and Coke, Rockstar, Red Bull, Monster and No Fear energy drinks .

Snacks from Suppliers such as Mars, Hersheys, Mrs. Freshleys and Frito Lay.

We offer a Wide Variety of Healthier and Alternative snack options from Sugar Free to Gluten Free and Protein Supplements to Totally Organic.

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Self Filling Bottle: The patented Everfill Bottle from Pure 1 continually refills itself, so there are no expensive, heavy bottles to change. (Eliminates potential injury while lifting)

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Quail Mountain Coffee & Vending is proud to offer a Revolutionary Alternative to traditional Vending.

Quail Mountain is now bringing a fully stocked Self Checkout Convenience store into qualifying work places.

Quail Mountain Micro Markets are fully stocked with traditional and exciting new products. Choose from Freshly made Sandwiches and Salads, to one of our many Main Entrees for your lunch, and have an Ice Cream for dessert.

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